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24" Extension Cable help
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The Digital Animated, DA808, whips is our most advanced whips available.  A completely new type of LED strip and controller allows 99 pre programed animations and 20 solid colors

You'll notice the quality of Booger Whips once you remove them from the bag.  
Forget the cheap China made whips or whips that have LED's wrapped around a CB antenna.  Booger Whips, made in Alabama, are designed for trail riders by trail riders.  Completely waterproof whip, controller and connections these whips can take the trail riding abuse.

The dual Digital Animated whips comes with everything you need to get both your whips up and running quickly.


*  2X 48" Waterproof whips

*  1X Waterproof controller The controller offers 99 pre programed animations and 20 solid color. 

*  1X 45” Sync cable allows both whips to be in sync.  Maximum span from whip to whip is 45”

*  Hardware kit

       2x Quick release mounts with pins

       7ft power cables

       2x 2 1/2in bolts with lock nut

       2x 1in bolts with lock nut

       Washers (4 oversized washers for lock and ride holes)

       2 Ring terminals

       5 zip ties

       Booger Whips decal

**** The 24in extension cable is recommended for all Can-Am, Kawasaki, and Polaris Ranger.  Double check to make sure 45 inches is adequate for your application.

**** For off-road use only not recommended for highway use.

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