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Tribal Whips Nightstalker Xtreme

Tribal Whips Nightstalker Xtreme
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Made from the same rugged design as the "CLASSIC" whip, but with 2 x the brightness.  Includes our proprietary quick connect / disconnect mount.  No tools needed when installing and removing the whip.
Xtreme LED Whip, NightStalker - RZR, YXZ1000r, Maverick, Ranger  If you’re looking for an LED whip that’s tough, and will last a long time, then a Tribal Whip is right for you.  We have more than a decade of experience and many thousands of satisfied customers to prove it.   NightStalker LED whips include a lot of design features, not found anywhere else… they’re hard to replicate, and often over looked.  But these features are what make our LED whips more superior than others.

Ideal for your Polaris RZR, Yamaha YXZ1000r, Can Am Maverick, Jeep, Truck and so much more.  Trails, sand dunes, desert off road, Muddin'n... Tribal Whips can handle it all.

Choose from 3 different styles / brightness

  1. Classic LED whip, Visible for up to 2 miles   
  2. Xtreme LED whip, Visible for more than 2 miles
  3. WhipZilla LED whip, Visible for up to 4 miles… There’s nothing else brighter.

 Warranty: 12 month limited warranty against manufacturers defects and craftsmanship.


  1. Lengths: 2 ft. – 8 ft. (8 ft. not available in WhipZilla)
  2. Colors:  Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, R/W/B


  1. Quick Connect / Disconnect Mount w/ Hardware
  2. Fiberglass whip adapter, for daytime use
  3. LED Whip w/ Tribal Whips Logo Flag
  4. Color product brochure
  5. Tribal Whips decal
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